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Empowerment Through Education

Initiative Description

Ohio’s Workforce Preparation Initiative

afterschoolprogramacIn 2006, a team of Extension professionals researched the issue and developed The Ohio Workforce Preparation Overview, a framework or model of key workforce preparation program components in Ohio 4-H. Adapted from the National 4-H Council (1993) model, the framework guides Extension professionals in aligning their programming with current issues, key skills youth need, and critical components of workforce preparation. Within the context of positive youth development philosophy, workforce preparation programs engage youth through distinct but connected experiences.


kidsfairThe goals of workforce preparation programs are to introduce young people to the world of work and to develop the workforce skills necessary for success through active participation in learning experiences. Workforce preparation strategies must build on an early foundation of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences to most effectively achieve long-term results. Our work is aligned with a definition of workforce preparation that includes a network of programs designed to help young people explore career opportunities, acquire applied skills, develop work readiness, and gain experience in the workforce.

Ohio 4-H Workforce Preparation Overview 



 Team Goals

The Ohio 4-H Workforce Preparation Team is working to address these concerns by:

1. Providing an overarching framework that guides the investment of resources and sets the overall direction of workforce preparation programming;

2. Developing marketing tools and strategies, targeted to both internal and external audiences, to increase awareness and link workforce preparation programs within Ohio 4-H and OSU Extension;

3. Developing and disseminating programming models, curriculum, and resources that will improve and expand opportunities for workforce preparation programming;

4. Conducting training that will assist Extension professionals to increase their awareness and knowledge of workforce preparation issues, concepts, and programming strategies;

5. Creating consistent evaluation tools and strategies to improve the quality and consistency of 4-H workforce preparation program evaluation to better document and share results; and

6. Securing the necessary funding to support programming priorities within the workforce preparation framework.