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Did You Know?. . .Workforce Prep Overview

Moving from school to work is one of the most important transitions that young people will face?


Do YOU know what skills are necessary for your child’s success in today’s workforce?


Preparing youth for the workforce has taken on new meaning in the 21st century. A shift from the industrial age to the knowledge economy has created widespread concern that young people lack the skills essential for job success and are entering the workplace unprepared. Marketable personal qualities and abilities are critical to getting a job and keeping it!

 Workforce Prep Overview

  “What really makes the difference is the applicant’s ability to demonstrate what are now widely referred to as key skills such as working as a member of a team, communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving and planning, and taking responsibility for one’s own learning and development. These are the skills that differentiate good from great.”

-John Cook, Head of Early Careers Development at Rolls Royce