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Do you know what kinds of skills and qualities employers are looking for in the people they hire?


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Did You Know…

  • • Two of the top eight reasons for losing a job are poor relations with co-workers and not being reliable.
  • • One of the top three skills associated with improving changes for employment is the ability to problem solve.
  • • Over 50% of employers say that most employees lack basic skills to be employed and advance in a job-These basic skills being honesty, being on time, coming to work on a regular basis, knowing how to work with others, and working hard on the job.
  • • On the job over one-half of many employee’s time is spent listening and the other portion is spent communicating to others either by phone, computer, or in person.
  • • Employers place a high priority on promoting persons who can assume responsibility and motivate co-workers.
  • • An organization’s ability to succeed depends on using creative thinking to solve problems and overcome barriers. Employers place a premium on workers who have adaptability skills.
  • • Employers place a high priority on the ability of employees to absorb, process, and apply new information quickly and effectively.

“What really makes the difference is the applicant’s ability to demonstrate what are now widely referred to as key skills such as working as a member of a team, communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving and planning, and taking responsibility for one’s own learning and development. These are the skills that differentiate good from great.”

-John Cook, Head of Early Careers Development at Rolls Royce