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 Extension Programming Efforts

Several new and on-going Extension programming efforts contribute to student success:

image_mentoringSchool Success

Showcasing Your Skills Lesson  This activity is designed to help your child look at all the skills they have gained from participating in 4-H, Scouts, sports teams, student council, etc. and write them down at workforce skills. By recalling the activities they have participated in and then realizing what skills they have gained from those activities can help youth write down these skills and use them in a resume or college application. This activity may also help them discover what types of careers they may be interested in based on the skills they enjoy using.

KnowHow2Go -This great site that offers step-by-step guidance in college planning  and financial aid from a child’s middle school days until they step foot on a college campus. If you’re a parent, guardian, teacher, mentor or other caring adult, chances are there’s a teen in your life who wants to go to college, and this site can help your teen succeed.

College 101 assists high school seniors to make a positive transition to college

Financial Education

Real Money, Real World– An active, hands-on experience, the program gives young people the opportunity to make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those they will make as adults. Real Money, Real World programs are designed to be a partnership of the county Extension Office, the school, and the business community.

NEFE High School Financial Planning Program – An advanced, student centered personal finance program geared towards the high school grades. Also visit the OSU Extension webpage on the NEFE High School Financial Planning Program for more information about the use of the program in Ohio.

Knowledge Economy

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