Our Mission

Empowerment Through Education


The programs, activities, and projects you participate in teach you skills that can be helpful to you in many aspects of your life whether at home, school, or in the workplace. Sometimes figuring out what skills you have gained and how to translate them into something useful, such as a job or college application, can be very difficult. Don’t let that stop you from using these experiences to help you get to the next level!

Start by recalling all the things you have been a part of… projects, club officer, 4-H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, band, school clubs, special interest clubs, debate team, FFA, camp counselor, student council, athlete, teen board member, etc.

Start thinking about your experiences and accomplishments-They ALL contribute to the skills, knowledge, and person qualities you posses. By learning to recognize the valuable skills you’ve gained, you can pinpoint your interests and help yourself to discover what types of career you may want to explore!

Here are some more ways to explore your interests:

Exploring Careers Online

Researching careers online can help you gain a better understanding of what jobs exist and what skills are required to perform certain jobs. Even exploring what requirements such as training classes or college courses that are needed for a certain job can help you understand what it takes to succeed in certain careers.

Career Fairs 

These experiences provide you with an opportunity to meet professionals from job fields you might be considering. At a career fair, you can ask questions that are important for finding out if a job or career area is a good match for you. Take advantage of any opportunity to talk to professionals in a variety of career pathways.

Job Shadowing

Typically during a job shadowing expereince, you spend a couple of hours or even a day with a professional, observing or participating with them at work. You get a chance to ask them questions about that line of work. Get started by asking family, friends and teachers to point you in the right direction or make a contact for you.

Volunteer Work

Have you ever considered learning more about the world of work through volunteer or community service opportunities? Volunteer work helps you build many of the work skills you need for any job, such as:

  • • Dependability
  • • Accuracy
  • • Ability to follow instructions
  • • Ability to work with a variety of types of people

The skills youth learn as a volunteer look just as valuable on a resume as those learned at a paid position!