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Knowledge Economy Knowledge Economy Initiative

The nature of work and economic structures has been constantly evolving. The Knowledge Economy Initiative, a multi-programmatic and interdisciplinary effort was implemented in order to meet changing needs. It is all about the continued movement toward recognizing the increased importance of knowledge and innovation and applying them to all sectors of the economy and society.

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Knowledge Economy Power Point


 Building 21st Century Skills

Extension professionals have an opportunity to create authentic learning experiences that help prepare youth for the world of work through a series of distinct but connected experiences. The Ohio 4-H Workforce Preparation Initiative has created a model outlining the 21st Century Skills following areas:


• Career awareness and exploration

• Work readiness and skill development

• Work-based learning

• Post-secondary internships

• Lifelong learning



Situated in the context of positive youth development philosophy, workforce preparation programs engage youth through distinct but connected experiences. Through intentional programmatic efforts, youth development professionals can create authentic learning experiences that complement the formal education system and facilitate the development of skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

Critical skills for success in the 21st century workforce are the same skills necessary for individuals to be capable, competent, and contributing parents, neighbors, friends, and citizens.These skills include:

• Thinking skills21st Century Skills

• Communication

• Teamwork and leadership

• Lifelong learning and self-direction

• Technology adoption and application

• Professionalism and ethics


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